Well.. Nothing much to say about me by myself. Let me tell in short. Its the passion that drives me to be what I am. I am quite a loner, lean and short. Love to be a friend of others. Care for friends. Having a very small but very close friendship circle. My best friends know more about me than myself. Love to read a lot. Wish to write a lot but rarely do. Drowsy and dreaming most of the time.

A movie buff. I watch lots of movies. An adrent fan of Robert de Niro, Kamal Hasan, Daniel day-lewis, Meryl Streep, Manorama, Kajol, Ajay Devgan, Naomi Watts, Daniel Craig from the actors; Bala, Anurag Kashyap, Martin Scorcese, Stanley Kubrick among film directors; Subramania Bharathi, Indira Soundararajan, Sujatha, Vairamuthu from the writers; Ilayaraja, A.R.Rahman, KJ Yesudas, Swarnalatha among music; Rahul Dravid, Saina Nehwal, among sportspersons.

About the blog, I wish I'd write about many things. Whether or not I do, I am not quite sure. Crispy movie reviews and other stuffs related to cinema dominate my blog. My personal experiences and opinions, wishes and dreams, about books, some tips and tricks and tutorials - you can see then and there, occasionally.

Happy reading..!!!


  1. Nice intro... I somewhat share the choices for actors but I don't like kajol :D Also, I am a reserved person too... Thanks for sharing :D

    1. thanks for the visit and comment Tanya.. its kind of exciting to see persons with similar tastes and likings.. by the way I like Kajol's eyes very much.. i find it way too attractive.. :-)