Friday, August 10, 2012

Another set of movie trivia

Already I have posted few trivia about hollywood movies. Here is another list of few interesting movie trivia. To see previous post about trivia, click here..

Casino Royale is the first bond film in the series to show Bond as a rookie in MI6. In all the other bond films, he had been a spy for long time.

Daniel Craig is the first actor to play James Bond who is younger than the series itself.
Quantum of Solace is a direct sequel to Casino Royale and begins as a continuation, just after few moments from the end of Casino Royale. But Bond is seen wearing 3 piece suit at the end of Casino Royale, and a different 2 piece suit in the beginning of Quantum of Solace.

None of the music used in Kill Bill was original. All were from Tarantino’s music collections.
In Spiderman, The scene in which Peter catches Mary Jane's lunch on the tray has no Computer Graphics involved. Tobey Maguire did it by himself by placing some sticky substance in his palm, and practiced quite a lot times and achieved it exactly what it is seen on the screen. 

Halley Joel Osment, the kid who acted as Android David, never blinks his eyes throughout the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence, as his role David is an android in the movie.

Almost every shot contains an animal, usually a dog in the movie Children of Men. 
In The Matrix trilogy, one can see a greenish color dominating in many scenes. It’s actually a clue that, all scenes occur within the matrix have green overlay and the scenes in the real world are blue tinted.

The green color codes that are seen in The Matrix trilogy are actually mirror images of Japanese characters, along with English alphabets and numbers.

Eastern Promises is the only gangster genre movie without having the usage of guns even in a single frame.
In City of Angels, the angels rarely blink when they are shown. Nicholas Cage actually practiced not blinking and was able to do it for several minutes by the time the film was done. However, once he became human he was able to blink all he wanted.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the only person on the set strong enough to lift the machine gun his character Terminator used in the Cyberdyne shootout scene in Terminator 2: the judgment day.

 Source : IMDB


  1. Wow !! really interesting trivia! Where do you get these info from? :-)

    1. Thanks.. I got them from imdb and wikipedia pages of respective movies..

  2. that was an interesting read. Cheers.