Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pepper Juice - homemade remedy for throat infections

Throat infection, sore throat or simply throat pain is a form of bacterial or sometimes viral infections. It often causes inflammation in tonsils, cough and cold. Most sore throats often get alright in 2 or 3 days without any medical treatment. At times it used to be quite annoying to an extent that we couldn’t fix our mind in work. 

Not only throat pain, whatever disease or infection hit us, we all want it to go away suddenly. We run off to doctors, he gives medicines and it works fine. But we often forget the handy, homemade remedies available in our home itself. I’d like to say ‘not aware’ rather than ‘forget’ because most of us do not know about such easy and very effective remedial measures. As for throat pain, it can be cured with just a pinch of pepper. Looks quite easy, isn’t it?

I like to call it Pepper Juice. Let’s see how to prepare it. Its not a very big deal. Anyone can make it easily with the availability of a glass of hot water and pepper powder. enough. There is no kitchen without pepper powder in it I hope.
Take a pinch or two of pepper powder and put it in a glass of water, say 200 ml. If you think it will be too spicy, add a small piece of jaggery cube to the mixture. If it is not spicy enough you feel, add one more pinch of pepper powder. Boil the mixture till it gets warmer. That’s it. Pepper Juice is ready. 
Drinking the extract once in every 3 or 4 hours while having throat infection will give you instant and effective remedy. The next day will be a day with a great relief. Why go to doctor when you have a handy remedy! Your time and money are saved.

Not only this throat infection, pepper can also be used as an effective medicine for other infections, cold, and mainly toxic contents in our food. There is a proverb well said about pepper’s significance. 

பத்து மிளகு இருந்தால் பகைவன் வீட்டிலும் சாப்பிடலாம்.

It means that when you have pepper with you, you can even eat at your enemy’s den. Such an effective natural medicine it is. Adding pepper to our daily food will improve immunity generally. Let’s utilize it effectively for own benefits.  

P.S: The entire credit for this post goes to my mother!!


  1. Thank u so much for sharing the remedy. Currently suffering from a throat infection,and ur recipe has come as a blessing to me:)

    1. No mention:-) Try it.. You'll be alright. Get well soon..

  2. Thank you Shareef-this should work.I know because i just suck a pepper corn when my throat pains & i get better.

    1. Yes.. It should.. Keep using:-)

      Thanks for dropping by Indu..

  3. one of the most commonly used remedies is salt water gargle, the best home remedy to treat throat infections.