Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Respect thy mother!!

Let me narrate you a story, a small incident that happened before 2 months.  Please do bear with me if the writing is crude and narration is boring.

It was a chill Sunday night, around 8.30 PM. It was a busy place in the city, where a few shopping malls are located. As it was a week before Christmas, all the shops were flooded with people busy in their purchases. The place was a junction of 4 roads. All the buses leaving the city must cross the junction to take bypass road and the buses entering the city must cross to reach the central bus stand. From there people can get town buses to their respective places in and around the city. 

After a few minutes, a boy stepped out of a bus that stopped there and walked towards the town bus stop. He was carrying a small bag in her back. Looking very tired he glanced around the bus stop as to whether he could sit somewhere. There were around 30 to 40 people waiting in the bus stop. Some of them had to go their villages and they looked restless as the buses to their places were a bit rare after 9 PM.

The boy took his mobile and saw the time. It was 9.05 PM. He already knew to some extent about the bus timings to his locality. He remembered that he once took bus from the same place to his house at around 9.25 PM, though he is not sure whether it is a regular timing. As there was no charge in his mobile phone, it was difficult for him to pass the waiting time. He always used to browse with his internet enabled mobile phone when he happens to wait at any place. He simply forgets everything at those instants. Unfortunately on that day, his battery was low. So he stood there calmly. Slowly the crowd in bus stop started to move as buses come and there were only 10 in the place.

The time was 9.20 PM. There came a bus that goes to a village “Veeralaperumselvi” through his place but takes another road one stop before his stop. If he boards that, he has to walk half a km to his house. That’s not a big issue. He had done it many times but as he was tired and exhausted because of continuous travel on that day, he was not ready to walk. He was hungry too. At first he suddenly moved forward to board the bus. Then his mother’s words stopped him. His mother often tells that whenever Veeralaperumselvi bus comes, after a few minutes, surely bus going through his house stop will come. He also thought that what if the other bus won’t come or will come very late. He thought rather than waiting there, he could board the bus and walk slowly to his house. He could get a lift from two wheeler riders or call his cousin to pick him up from bus stop. With these thoughts, he at last boarded the bus.

In another 10 minutes, he reached the bus stop and got down from the bus. He called his cousin only to find that he was out of station on that day. As he put his mobile in his pocket and raised his head, he saw the other bus approaching the stop. He was shocked to see that and cursed himself for not considering his mother’s words. Much to his dismay it didn’t stop there as there was no one got down and no one waiting. So he had no other choice than walking to reach his home. He badly needed to take a cup of tea. But the tea shops were closed earlier than the usual as it was Sunday. An acquaintance offered him lift in his bike in the mid way and dropped him nearby his house, and at last he reached his house at 10 PM. He kept on thinking about not considering his mother’s words while walking all the way.

Now the whole thing about telling the above is very simple and straight. Always hear, respect and follow your mother’s words, no matter how big or small the situation is! Even the toughest things will become easier like a walk in the park with her wise words. Though the boy reached his house, he could have done it easily without having to walk amidst his tiredness and hunger if he had followed what his mother told.

P.S. The boy in the above incident is none other than me.


  1. ' Always hear, respect and follow your mother’s words, no matter how big or small the situation is! "
    The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “ Paradise is at the feet of the mother.”

  2. agree completely! nice read! it is said, god could not be everywhere, so he made mother...

    1. Thank you very much. I was touched by your awesome story.

      I want to correct one statement above: God is everywhere. Mothers are some of his mercy to us mankind. Alhamdulillah.

      Good luck my brother!